Pond plan

Find better log or stone to cover liner behind sweet flag – could form hidey hole

Buy 1-2 green slate boulders: beach and marginal shelf.
Beach – flat, to improve beach shape
Shelf – could stand on end and be out of water

Buy frog bit in spring?

Buy water forget me not in spring?

White mazus – slow; Jun-Aug; trim as needed
Creeping jenny – medium; Jun-Aug; trim any time
Marsh marigold – slow; Mar-Apr; trim dead leaves after flowering; dies back
Purple loosestrife – medium; Jul-Sep; trim as needed, but leave to die back naturally for winter bud formation
Flag iris – slow/med; Jun-Jul; cut back to above water surface in autumn

Chamomile – medium; early-late summer; deadhead; can be divided
Phlox – fast; spring-summer;
Veronica – fast; spring-summer;
Iris bulbs – Jun-Jul; cut off flower stalks; trim leaves in autumn