Potted on:

  • sweetcorn – two of which have only just sprouted and still managed to survive the move
  • cosmos
  • snapdragons – pricked out to 2 seedlings per cell
  • cucumber
  • all tomatoes, with some backups in smaller pots

Partial resows:

  • nasturtium
  • marigold
  • malope
  • rudbeckia
  • cornflowers
  • Californian poppies

Complete resows:

  • Mars pumpkins
  • broccoli
  • Jack be little
  • calendula

I’ve kept some of the leggy seedlings as backups – cucumber, broccoli and Mars pumpkins – , but I’ll keep them in the grow house permanently, partly as a test of its frost protection.

I’ve resown the coriander at home and set up a wire frame to stop the birds bathing in or pecking at the soil. In other half of the planter I’ve put the leftover snapdragons, with the same protection.