I’ve tidied up my collection of hugel sticks so far. The ones that were piled on the compost bag were home to a million woodlice, so they can’t go in the shed. I’m hoping that keeping them in this tray at least for now will keep them tidy and they can continue to weather.

I spent the morning pulling down and chopping up everlasting pea. All of sudden I can see the mess of the plot beyond, so the vines did a good cover up job this year. But they have to come down so that I can have half a chance of weeding and mulching the poor ledge.

I’ve dug up the everlasting pea that had planted itself in front of the veronica. Growing over the plant to the fence wasn’t helpful at all. It was a big piece of root, but not too difficult to get out. I’ve started just pulling up what grass I can – again, so that I can start to do the weeding and clearing properly. The weeds have really got out of control in my boundaries this year.