After some rain, the grass was looking pretty good when I turned up today. Still pretty bare in the centre of the paths, but it’s coming.

I still only have one potato and a bit, so I dug down in one spot to check what was going on. I found one spud just sat there, with a bug inside. I got rid of the bug and reburied the potato just for the sake of it.

One of the vexatious parsnips now has a proper true leaf.  The damn blackbird has been back to dig around though, so some seedlings had been disturbed again.

The good end of the onion row is suddenly looking thicker. The runty end is still far behind.

I did some great work thinning out all the veg rows at last.

The pumpkin in Bed 1 had pretty much died, so I’ve thrown it out and transplanted one of the many volunteer gourd plants. If we’re really lucky, it’ll turn out to be a pumpkin and not an ornamental gourd. It then flopped big time, but I’m hopeful it will pick up.

The French beans look terrible still, though there are a few flowers.

I’ve planted out all the little marigolds. They should be much larger, but like everything else this year, the seedlings really haven’t grown well at home. They might as well have all the food in the bed to try and grow.

The big lettuce is a bit rough and not great to eat, but it’s also very vigorous, so I harvested a huge handful of it to keep it off the carrots.

That poppy by the gate didn’t last long.