The blue tits have finally dared to try the nuts and there were two in the tree flying around. Maybe they’ll find the nest box that’s *right there*.

The garlic is big enough to see from a distance now. With any luck its roots are now big enough to stop the plants being pulled out by curious birds.

I uncovered Bed 2 and found that buttercups left from last year were starting to break through the newspaper. It was only a thin layer, but I decided to go with cardboard to be sure. It turned out to be double-walled cardboard too, so the weeds are going to be really up against it. I got most of the bed edged before lunch.

Mum dragged the last of the homemade compost down to Bed 1 and spread it as the leaf mould layer.

After lunch I spread a good layer of compost on Bed 1. It won’t hurt to add more if I have leftovers. I’ve realised that I’m going to need another round of manure to do Bed 4, plus compost for Beds 2, 4 and 8.

Bed 2 has been fully lined with cardboard and filled with manure. So that just needs compost and then it’s ready for covering before the onions go it. I did some light weeding in this Bed, which was just as well, because I unearthed an acorn that had sprouted. I imagine that would have gone the through the cardboard if it had wanted to.