We’ve tied up all the everlasting peas a bit, to start them on their way to controlled growing this year. First step is to stop them falling forward onto the smaller plants in front. I’ve given the one in Plum Corner a few strings to try and grow through as it will eventually get a bit difficult to get to.

The spraying of the lupin worked really well. The big infestation has disappeared; the big lupin aphids are nowhere to be seen. I need to give it another spray soon to get rid of the little bits. The  pear tree needs its annual treatment too, although it did get some the other day.

I’ve putted some crappy nasturtium seedlings into the bug hotel. There’s not much soil in there, so we’ll see how they do. There’s a glorious Californian poppy at the base of the pear tree, which overwintered.

Aside all the various cucurbit seedlings in Beds 7 and 11, a borage has popped up in the back bed, pretty much in the middle of the cucumber wigwam. So seeing as so much else is refusing to germinate/grow I’ll leave it for now.

I’ve planted a tray of lobelia around the place – at the front of the runner bean bed and at the front of the borders where there was room. The other tray may end up going in Bed 9 too, if there’s no sign of all the candytuft that I put in there.