It’s going to be very windy tomorrow, so I went down in the afternoon to make sure nothing was in danger of blowing over or being damaged. I think everything will be ok. There’s fairly heavy rain coming too, so I’ve put out 3 buckets and weighed them down with filled water bottles.

The pumpkins have grown a ridiculous amount in the last two weeks, from cupping in both hands to “could I lift that?”. The fourth plant now has a pumpkin, just starting to grow. The first JBL has started too.

The sun hasn’t been out a great deal recently, but the tomatoes have started to ripen and I was able to pick the first few.

The plants are now growing very well and even the leeks are starting to look a bit like leeks. I was meant to chop their tops when I planted them, but now I don’t know if the moment has passed or not.

The zinnias are still flowering and there are lots of buds to come. I’d forgotten how long lasting the blooms are.

I should have taken the basket with me as there was lots to harvest: runner beans, French beans, chard, and the first cucumber and tomatoes.