A couple of sparrows were hanging out close to the nest box when I turned up. I think one even hopped up to the hole for a moment.

The tulips are all up now and are very pretty. I want more of all sort for this bed now!

There were strange holes all over the back bed and here and there in a couple of other beds. A couple of bits of edging cardboard had been pulled out too. I think due to the depth of a few of the holes, it’s the field vole being a nuisance rather than crows. Fortunately the garlic was unaffected.


My big job all morning was digging up grass. I went from the apple tree all the way down to the elder. I’ve dug up the fairly dead lavender as I clearly can’t get them to grow in the allotment. Then I started working from the shed to the geum. That still leaves the awful bit I haven’t touched yet.

The helianthus has started to sprout again and I’m happy to leave what’s at the base – a few bits of nigella and lemon balm. As all along the front bed, there are various patches of grass that need to be pulled up.

In the afternoon I sowed:

  • 8 x runner beans
  • 8 x French beans (2 spares)
  • 4 x kalettes to replace the nonsense seedlings
  • replacement zinnia and sunflowers