In the morning I sowed:

  • Runner beans x 16
  • French beans x 5
  • Leeks x 20 (18 needed)
  • Sweetcorn x 12
  • Resowed zinnias x 3

We don’t have huge amounts of sunshine coming, but we have daytime temperatures of around 12ºC, so I’m going to try keeping these trays in the grow house with lids on. If it’s going to be cold overnight, they’ll have to come indoors.

In the afternoon I found that the tulips have started to open at the plot. I should try and get down during the week to see them open better. The red and yellow ones are new.

The helianthus has started to appear.

The plot was mostly underwater again so – aside from spending a very long time playing with the robin, who now takes mealworms from my hand – I weeded all down the right hand side again. The bittercress and grass had worked its way back in and I filled about ¾ of a bucket. I wish the water would recede again, as it’s the left hand side that really needs my attention. The couch grass has to go and my cornflowers need to be moved into place.