The first seeds have now been sown:

  • 12 x Sweet pea Mammoth mixed
  • 12 x Zinnia Oklahoma
  • 8 x Malope Vulcan
  • 8 x Sunflower
  • 8 x Aster Duchess
  • 6 x Bitter melon (well, as soon as I’ve photographed the interesting seeds)

Happily, I had a brand new set of lollipop sticks in the shed, which I popped down to the allotment to get. It was blowing an absolute gale, so I was glad to otherwise be in the garage doing my sowing. While at the plot I also used one of my new bungee cords to fasten the gate, as the plant tie wire keeps failing. Clearly, a new gate needs to be a priority when the weather settles.