I went to the plot with Mum to hold vines out of the way while she mowed. Looking at the bitter melons, one is suddenly quite orange, but two big fruits have dusty black marks. I can’t find anything online as to what it might be, so let’s hope they’re not too bad when I go back at the weekend.

Looks like the big gourd is turning orange.

The weed by the shed is close to flowering. Still no idea what it is.

There was a little lizard in one of my rain buckets, so I brought it home for Dad to see.

The harvest was pretty good for a non-gardening visit. A few fat beans, a few carrots and one tomato that was knocked by the mower. There was also a very heavy basket of pears. A few more had fallen and the rest of the fruit on the tree came off really easily, so that tree is done now.