I’ve started keeping track of watering during the week. There’s no rain forecast for the foreseeable future and it’s so easy to lose track of how many days/weeks have passed since you watered.

In the morning I weeded veg 1, sweetcorn bed and the cucamelons and also planted the last 2 little plants from home. It’s very hot. The onions are really not doing very well for some reason and a couple more have gone to seed. The grass/clover is unbelievably long and lush though.

In the afternoon Mum filled up the overflow butt for me, mowed the whole plot and weeded the onion bed. I did some edging and weeded the right flower bed from the elder to Mr B’s gate and finally put in the hyssops too. I took off my gloves right at the end, pulled up a bit more grass and promptly got bitten by a hiding spider. By the end I’d sweated through my second set of clothes for the day!

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