I’ve made a start on tidying up Bed 3 first, as it won’t get covered and needs some bulbs planting in it very soon. It’s a bit of a mess where earth and clay have been heaved onto the bed and plants during the hole digging process.

The good news though is that I suddenly have two robins in the plot. They’re not getting aggressive with each other, so let’s hope that they might move in to the nest box behind the apple tree.

This frame had been put down onto the grass, which I don’t want heading straight into the bed, so I cut it away and pulled it out. I’ve then put a section of cardboard in at the edge to keep a barrier and to allow me to fill the bed. Very hard work.

I’m gathering the clay I take off the beds and putting what I can into place that don’t matter. For example, the sometimes over-sized post holes and the front of the front border, which now has a big trough that needs filling.

Not enormously visible work, but the recovery of the grass in one week is pretty impressive.