Today’s main job was deadheading again. It was hot and sunny and there was an amount of just sitting among my flowers and staring off into space. The blue delphinium is now opening as one of the stems of the purple delphinium finishes.

The Double Click cosmos have made much bushier plants than the Dwarf Sensation or Peppermint Rock I think. Worth remembering. As a result this one is rather sitting on the zinnia next to it, but it’s not too bad.

The Red Alerts have of course now started to dangle rather with a heavy crop. So I guess canes will be needed after all. The Ferlines are starting to get bigger now.

One of my beetroot had bolted – first time ever for the Boltardy.

I’ve taken out the poppies to bring some room and light to the trellis bed. It looks a bit empty and rubbish now, but needs some attention. There are some good, but suffering perennials in there.

2nd instar green shield bug