The first tete a tete is out now, with more fattening up. Lots of bulbs have come up, but I’m not entirely sure what’s what yet. I think the irises are up in a ring around the middle.

I did lots of cutting down, along the ledge and the trellis bed. I made nesting material coconuts for the beds with dry grass and moss, as well as lots of the thing twiggy fleabane cuttings.

I’ve discovered that the toadflax is fairly shallow rooted. I’ve pulled up some that was clearly in the wrong place but I’m happy that I’ll be able to take out more pretty easily later in the year if I want to.

I’ve taken down all the helianthus too – all but the thickest stems just snapped off at ground level. The lemon balm has grown back into the area that the helianthus covers, but there’s no way I can get it out now, so I don’t care.

I harvested all the remaining parsnips. They were mostly little ones, but a couple were reasonable and good for a roast dinner. I might try them again another year.