Some of the gourds are taking off – this is a Turks Turban, which has now been redirected. I went down to the plot to feed everything and most things were in good condition.

One of the warted gourds in the front bed has its first fruit. Meanwhile, the gourd in the middle bed is really going for it and already has four fruits.

Sadly one of the Marina di chioggia has been shredded to within an inch of its life. Maybe it will recover. It’s a bit late to re-sow, but maybe I’ll put a seed in the ground just in case.

One or two of the suffering bitter melons has now died. I think one of the others has been a little burned by the soap spray against the black fly too. Hmm, I hope they don’t all disappear on me.

The beans are all good though. The French beans and yang yangs are getting flowers and the runner beans are starting to climb further up the netting.