I’ve moved the orange yarrow from the corners of the middle bed to Bed 3. Hopefully, they’ll settle in before I then cut them back for autumn. They’re smaller plants than the ones already in Bed 3, perhaps because they’ve had more competition in the other bed?

I collected a lot of seed today: cornflower, corn cockle, flax, malope and morning glory. I’ve also discovered how the marigolds form their seeds, so I’ll be letting some of my French marigolds go to seed at some point in order to get their seed. You get a lot per flower.

Lots more deadheading has been added to the compost. I opened the front to have a look at it. It’s all quite dry. I took those gourds out and smashed them up. Looks like the gourds I’ve added to the pile have probably formed a nice rock layer.

I dug up the volunteer verbenas and planted them in the left boundary and watered them in. Everything’s very dry at the moment. All my previous transplants look rather sorry for themselves.

A year and two days after I last found a lizard in my bucket … I found a lizard in my bucket. He was fairly lethargic, but disappeared after I put him on the ledge, so with any luck will survive.

One apple was a test pick and then I found the other on the ground later in the day. They’re not bad, but a little bit sharp still.