Rain in the week meant that I hadn’t gone down to water in a while. In the morning I cleared out the middle third of the ledge. The nigella has been cleared out, with me sprinkling its seeds as I went. So there’ll be no escape from that for years to come! In the afternoon I did that last third and made a start on clearing under the apple tree.

I tried to prop up the bean netting again, which is bending under the weight of the beans I can’t reach and an exhausting tiring wind. The nasturtiums are finally getting going and are filling the boundary bed, but haven’t climbed the trellis yet to act as more of a windbreak. I must get them going earlier again next year in case that makes a difference.

The marigolds are still going great guns. They’re unbelievable compared to last year’s slug food – even more so sat next to the lovely zinnias that the slugs also devoured last year.

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