I did lots of tidying today with lots of deadheading, and removing of the weird tassel sweetcorn. I’ll gradually start clearing the corn as we eat it, so I can see more easily what’s left.

There’s another flush of tomatoes coming. Bed 2 has lots of little cherry tomatoes all of a sudden and the volunteers are still going, with at least one of the plants looking like a Ferline rather than Red Alert.

One of the new pumpkins noted on 26/8 has indeed begun to grow, while everything around it is ripening off.

In the afternoon, with the sun out of the way, I made a start on cutting back the everlasting pea and the big bramble. It’s taken some big liberties on my side, pushing its way between the fence and my trellis and not helping with the dilapidation of the fence. It’s about half done for now.