I raked up the leaves from the crab apple tree, mowed them (though you can barely tell) and took them to my leaf bin at the allotment. I checked the rat bait when I was in the area too and the bit that I’d thrown down by the compost heap and bait station had disappeared. The compost heap hasn’t been obviously disturbed, so I’m hopeful that the rat may have gone.

The fruit trees will need the usual attention in spring, but I noticed that the pear tree had a mad long branch coming from its bottom silly branch, up to the other side and rubbing against another branch. That low branch has been left quite long enough, so I’ve got rid of it entirely now.

The robin did a few fly-bys and came to look at me while I was weeding the front bed. I think it’s now learned that I’m keeping mealworms in my pocket too. They’re certainly more interesting than the sunflower seeds I’d first tried.

I’ve weeded the remainder of the front bed and mulched it with compost too. Any dislodged bulbs have been put back; the perennials are mostly cut back for spring, but there might be some spaces for annuals next year. The calendulas aren’t in great nick.

Light disappears quickly in the afternoon, but I got most of Plum Corner weeded before going home. It was riddled with couch grass, mostly coming through from next door. I’ve dug up what I can and next week there will be some more grass to get out before I get onto the left bed, which is in a fairly dire state further down.