The car park had been mown this morning, which was wonderful as we were able to take 4 bags of compost straight to the plot. One went on Bed 6 to build it up, one on Bed 7 and the other two are stored for mulching. Bed 6 is pretty deep now, so could possibly be left next year.

We put up a small wigwam for the cucumbers and I’ve planted the seeds under sealed plastic bottle cloches. I watered around them afterwards, hoping it’ll soak in as needed. A row each of carrot and beetroot is finally sown too.

I gave the perovskias their spring prune, doing it the asparagus way, snapping the branches where they readily snapped. They both have a few leaves coming now.

I moved the foxgloves from near the pond to behind the big log and moved another big potted foxglove to next to the other big transplant. It would be nice if they could settle in and start to spread.

I cut the grass back around the paving slabs and now the gate shuts properly at last. I hadn’t realised how overgrown it all is.

The pond is fine, a little low, so I topped it up with two watering cans to help out.

I broadcast sowed candytuft and godetia at the front of the left bed and put cornflower and corn cockle at the back. Then I covered that with compost. The veronica and physostegia seem to have died back a lot.

I made my first rough apple and willow fencing with my saved and foraged branches for the fence behind the foxgloves. I may be able to get morning glories or nasturtiums climbing up there.