Feeding time again – tomato food for everything flowering; general feed for everything else. The first tomatoes have set and the flowers are coming along. Bed 1 still looks a bit bleak, but the beans are growing new foliage now and the pumpkin’s picking up.

The kalette plant has picked up too, though it’s far behind where it would be normally. I’d like to try them again, but would probably sow outside at home or direct.

I’ve cut off all the possibly rusty leaves from the garlic. It still looks pretty good and from I’ve read, rust isn’t too big a deal. It’s just a matter of stopping it taking over the plant. And if/when it does, lift the garlic.

The veg is doing pretty well. I really must sow the last row in Bed 8, but I can’t decide what to make it. More lettuce is coming, which I’m hoping will taste better than the big one.

Bed 7 was meant to be flowers and full of zinnias. But those didn’t work, so instead it’s a wild mix of too many cornflowers, being sat on by volunteer gourds and a huge nasturtium on the other side. This year has just turned into renovate and survive.

The first female flowers are coming on the gourds Рwhatever they turn out to be. Only two of the plants, which I planted, are guaranteed to be pumpkins. I also now have a  volunteer pumpkin growing in the compost heap.

I’ve tied a couple of big vines up the wigwam that was meant for the cucumbers. Ironically, they’re not the plants that I planted at the bottom of the canes. This is going to be mayhem. I did discover a small cucumber plant at the back of the bed though. Maybe we’ll get a cucumber after all.

The grass is doing really well and I’ve finally put down another lot of grass seed. There’s still some weeding and stone removal I want to do – there seems to be a lot of barrage to get out – but I realised that I’d never get the seed down if I waited until I’d finished all the prep.