Another good forecast, except it decided to rain on me and Mr B for quite a while we carried on gardening regardless. My aim today was weeding and I re-weeded the ledge and finally planted the rhodanthemum, which has been sitting in the grey pot with leftover pebbles all winter.

A couple of dunnocks came to visit, sitting on the fence and gate for quite a while as well as hanging out by the elder. The bird seed has gone down a little more and has been a little spilled, but I’ve not seen any visitors to it yet.

The pear tree has started blooming. The apple tree is just starting to come to life. Something has had a bit of a dig in the bark below and poked at the bark shelter, but there’s still no sign of anyone using the hedgehog house.

After the rain, the pond suddenly looked very integrated with the plot. Just the front ledge to perfect and some more inhabitants to attract.

I weeded all along the trellis bed and fought the grass and weeds out of about half the triangle, producing a heavy bucket of rubbish. Hopefully the soil can keep drying so the weeding gets easier. The big logs are doing a good job of keeping weeds back, so I must keep looking for more to fill the gaps.

I need to start replanting the nursery plants soon before they wake up too much. The first one has gone out – a little foxglove, tucked into the wood at the edge of the pond area. The old ivy roots make such a beautiful domed shelter. I hope it gets used at some point.