First proper visit to the allotment today. Sunny, but a bit breezy and chilly. The standing water has now drained, but the soil is a bit claggy still. With more dry days like this, it shouldn’t be long until the soil gets to the good crumbly stage.

The grass is ridiculously long in some places, but not bad for walking. Still too damp to mow, but again, it might not be long before it gets its first haircut.

The first flowers are just beginning to open and there are little bits of green popping up all over the place. Many of them are clumps of grass in the flowers beds, so I’ve got an amount of weeding to be getting on with.

I did a bunch of easy tidying, just snapping off the dead stalks of lemon balm. I’ll have to cut the mint, as it doesn’t helpfully snap right at the bottom.

I made a start on clearing up Plum Corner, which has been a mess for some time now. I’m managing to dig up lots of couch grass and lemon balm. A few little bulbs came up (alliums?) and I’ve stuck those in the ledge.