I took the leggy sweet peas and nasturtiums down to the plot and dotted them along the front and left beds. I’ve put the copper collars around them, so we’ll see if they do ok out in the wild.

Looking around to see where else I could put them, I remembered that the plan was actually to put the rest in plum corner, but first it would need to be weeded, as it was full of grass and stuff, as well as a few bulbs that had made it up. I did the front strip before lunch and cleared the rest in the afternoon (when Mum came down to cut the grass short), digging up nearly everything and replanting it in a more orderly fashion. The two weedy lavenders have been binned and the best one has been moved to the front left corner.

All of the verbenas are showing signs of life at the bottom now, so I’ve cut them all down to the ground to let the new growth have the sun. There’s now a pile of big verbena stalks that I’m going to have to cut down for the compost bin, stacked up at the back of the shed.