It’s not enough to be visiting just at the weekends, I have to find time during the week somehow. Tomatoes have now started forming, so aside from the whole plot desperately needing rain, those plants now need tomato food.

Beds 1 and 7 seem a little more mature now and the candytuft in bed 1 is close to to flowering, as are the cornflowers in the middle. The blanket flowers on the far side suddenly seem like they might do something too. I’ve done a little bit of weeding of obvious docks etc, but some little weeds will just stay the course for filling.

I bought a hardy fuchsia in the village and have put it in near Mr B’s gate. There was just something dead and an eaten amaranthus there previously. An amaranthus further down has continued to keep growing after a slug attack.

Most of my time was spent hacking down a good proportion of the daisies. They were blocking access to the second compost bin and bindweed and mare’s tail was getting in among it all too. I’m now wondering if maybe the two compost bins might get replaced with one larger one akin to what Mr B had before I moved in. Something has buried underneath at least the front bin and kicked out a load of material. Putting grass clippings in also turns thing a bit anaerobic in ¬†such a confined space. It might be easier to keep things more mixed in a larger area. But I’d want to have some kind of good access to the bottom like with our old coal bunker.