It was super muggy today, so I’ll feed when in a day or two when it’s cooler. Only the smallest pumpkin has grown a noticeable amount, but the big ones are starting to turn beautifully orange. Compared to last week, they’re now at:

  • 1 – 39cm (0)
  • 2 – 37cm (+1)
  • 3 – 34cm (+2) 
  • 4 – 28cm (+11)

I did some good weeding and tidying along the ledge, under the apple tree and particularly in the trellis bed. I really must do some good renovation on this bed in particular to get a proper distinction between tall at the back and short at the front. Too many different things are crammed in here and they’re not helping each other. There are a feed gladioli, but it looks like they’ll be blind.

Although we’d done a good harvest yesterday, there were more beans and tomatoes today.

In the afternoon I did a quick mow on 2, so that it’s not too long when I come back after next weekend away.

I’m always pulling up the oxalis as it crops up all over the plot. When I first moved in, it filled the front border. I’ve never let it flower before, but this little patch in the sweetcorn bed escaped my attention and suddenly I feel quite differently about it. Low-growing patches of pink flowers in July, when so much has finished, could well be a useful addition. So I’ll look at letting it grow here and there in the borders.