Renovations day!

Of course it turned out that the polycarbonate I’d had waiting for month wasn’t the right size at all, so the trip to Wickes included getting a big sheet of 2mm acrylic. Taking out the old one revealed a bee nest each end and a couple of dead bees.

John redesigned the window a bit and it’s now one sheet across, supported by the middle bar. Hopefully good and strong against stormy winds. The old windows were completely opaque, so having brand new acrylic makes it look like there’s no window there at all.

The water butts are now sorted. Of course they were all completely full from all the rain, so we had to do some strategic emptying and moving of water. The lid is back on the left hand butt and we have swapped the 3-part stand of the one on the right with the one that was under the single butt. That means that a bucket or watering can now fits under it properly.

The leak from the leaning single butt has made a bit of a dent in the shed wall, which could do with a lick of paint. It’s now standing straight on a bed of bricks on the 3-part stand.

The new door has a hasp and staple lock with a padlock as before, but it also has a new built-in lock. The key is stupidly big, so until I do something about that, it’s a matter of making sure I remember to take it with me.

I was able to do some gardening while John worked. I cleared weeds from this section behind the physostegia. Since it no longer grows up to the fence-line, I transplanted the waiting verbenas into the gap. Let’s see what new problem I’ve made for myself with them. They’d been waiting in a bucket of water since being dug up, but hadn’t suffered at all. In fact, they’d grown lots of new white roots.