I visited the garden centre this morning, looking for bedding plants to liven up some of the beds and fill holes. I ended up buying a big tray of mixed lobelia, some white verbena and a tray of coleus, because they were irresistible. The lobelia have gone in among the dahlias and zinnias and those beds suddenly looks so much better. Thank you instagram for the inspiration.

With zero planning I had enough marigolds to do between all the tomato plants, with one left over to go in the middle of the runner beans. Now those beds look so much better too and with proper beneficial companion planting to boot!

I worked really hard in the heat and in the end only took home 3 lobelia and the coleus and verbena. The lobelia will go to 1 and 7, that’s simple enough. I don’t know exactly where to put the others. I think I simply need to plug them into any gap, maybe 4 of the 6 between 1 and 7. I might keep a coleus back for a pot. They’re so pretty.

A bit of talk and googling has revealed the mystery plant to be borage. It’s a companion for tomatoes and squash (next year!) and can make stinky nitrogen liquid fertiliser too.

The pale pink sweet pea is open by the shed. I must think about cutting some of the sweet peas for home. The deep pink one on the back fence is not open yet and also needs fishing back towards the fence from the other side.