This orange calendula is at the front of the plot, shining brightly. The calendula have done a wonderful job of succession blooming and there are some really big plants here and there in the boundaries that haven’t started flowering yet.

The quinoa all look like this for some reason. The grains at the top seem ok though. Still no sign of them changing colour. I thought epsom salts might help, but I’ve just read that I don’t harvest them until all the leaves have dropped, so maybe it’s not such a problem. And – I’m doing my research late – the plants don’t need much water, so who knows what they’ll think of the downpour we’re getting tomorrow.

The tomatoes are still coming and there are plenty more green ones to ripen. Lots are splitting, but there are a good number still ok – particularly in the Pink Bumblebees. The two runner bean sets are getting new flowers and the back lot are producing properly long pods now.