I did a mid-week run with the compost, because a lot of the pears have turned out to be a bit unreliable and mushy. The bitter melons that I took home for photography also ripened faster than you can imagine, peeling open to reveal bright red seeds. So what with those and the usual veg rubbish and melon slices, there was a lot to take to the compost. Then the caddy fell over in the boot when I was just metres from home, so at the plot I had to try and air out the fruit flies and smell of vinegar and scoop up the mush from my boot floor.

I did a quick check and pick around the place and came home with some more apples to try, a couple of gourds, a few beans and a few more tomatoes. And I realise now that I never did pick up the split ones (we’ve had some rain) that I’d piled up by the bed to take to the compost.

The asters from last year left some volunteers behind and only now are they starting to look like flowering. With any luck they’ll open before I’m too keen to get on and empty the bed!

There are probably going to be another few French beans and although I can’t see any young runners at the moment, there are a few new flowers open.