A fairly laidback visit to the plot after the exertions of the Berlin trip. Suddenly everything looks a good bit more autumnal and those jobs can probably kick in now. The runner beans are just about done and look rather ragged, so I’ll cut those down soon. Meanwhile, the beds are filling up with self-sown seedlings in what must be the wrong season, and some of the lobelia in the boundary beds are suddenly coming back to life and are little green mounds.

I cut the last gourds and cleared up most of that vine. There weren’t as many tomatoes to pick as I’d thought there would be, so we’ve evidently moved onto less sunny times. With the amount of fruit left to come, we might have to be thinking of green chutney ideas. I’m also a bit suspicious of one of the beefsteak plants, as it looks a bit unwell. I cut off the rubbish bits and took them home for the council bin.

The wind was low enough today that I could get a photo of the zinnias. Five plants too close together as the seedlings were rubbish and eventually I just stuffed them in the kalette / potato bed. Then suddenly they just took off.

The carrots nearly got left behind. I’d done my photo, packed everything into the car and was doing my last photo rounds when I found them hiding on the grass behind the veg bed. These raised beds hide everything so well!