I went down to the allotment to put a few mouldy gourds and my birthday flowers into the compost, and to dig up all the remaining carrots. Happily, the soil was damp enough to make the job fairly easy. There were more good-sized carrots than I thought there would be, as well as a number of snack-sized ones and one humungous one weighing 383g. There were also lots of little beetroot and a few reasonable sized ones. Chances are, they’re woody though. The late summer sowing of carrots is visible, but not worth looking at, they’re much too small.

It was too dark and cold to rip the carrot tops off in order to put them straight in the bin, so I took them home whole to do that at home. Walking up the path, the basket full of carrots was quite a weight and I found myself counting my steps to get myself up the path, like I used to do 2 winters ago when I didn’t have a shed yet.

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