A visit after work to make the bank holiday weekend seem even longer. In the five days since I’d been down, 3 cucumbers had grown to an enormous size. I picked more runner beans, but they’ve about done. However, I’ve fed the beans, tomatoes and cucumbers with tomato food, so they may yet have another little flourish.

The youngest pumpkins have just started to turn yellow. It looks like they’ll be a pretty good size. Number 4 has stayed relatively small.

The volunteer tomatoes have fruit coming, so we’ll probably get some cherry tomatoes from them.

Although there are lots of pears this year, they’ve mostly got this brown scabby look to them. Most likely pear scab, which is hard to control, but I can at least make sure I clear up fallen leaves and not put them on the compost.  There may be some fruit to salvage though.

The sticky petunias are still ok – and gradually this bed, like the others, is getting more and more in need of a weed.