Autumnal cornerThis morning we did a weeding / watering / management decision visit. Mum weeded around the runner beans while I did all the deadheading, which takes ages, not least because the cosmos are doing so well – because I’ve been diligently deadheading them. I then seemed to spend all my time walking from bed to bed attempting to make decisions and see if the various squashes/pumpkins are ready to harvest. They can stay for a little while yet, but they’ll be cut quite soon!

In total I have 5 Becky pumpkins, 5 Festival squash, 11 ornamental squash and 3 Turks turbans. I love me some cucurbits. Next year I want to see if I can find some more ornamental varieties; you can get some really weird knobbly, multicoloured ones.

Braeburn corner is quite a pretty autumnal corner at the moment. The tree is laden with fruit and behind it my Michaelmas daisy is in full bloom.

The ground was horrendously hard, so I decided not to go back in the afternoon. The front tomato bed will have to wait a little longer to be cleared.

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