I got Bed 4 edged before lunch. There were some ants among the newspaper from last year, but no sign of any ant hills.

Mum strimmed all around the beds, which worked well – no more shears for the beds, just the 3 log-edged boundaries save the grass being blown over the beds. The strimmer kept needing its cord pulling out again, but it didn’t take too long to work how to do it.

After lunch I lined the bed with cardboard and packed up what little was left in the shed to go back for recycling. I’m gradually getting my floorspace back.

Manure in – I have one unopened bag and two half bags left, which can be used for mulching at the end of the season.

I think I’ll need another round of compost. I have a few half bags left, but two or three beds need topping up and will probably need a bit more.

I’ve finally cut down all the verbena from the left border. There are lots of new shoots coming at the bottom of the plants. I need to work on getting the grass out now.

The compost has been growing tiny blades of grass and Bed 7 had a green haze to it, so I’ve disturbed it all with the rake, hoping that it will be enough to unroot and kill it.