We’ve had a good bit of heavy rain recently, which meant that even though not all my buckets were out, I still gathered 6 litres of water (and a lot of dead craneflies). The right-hand water butt was full, so no decanting could be done!

I cut down all the finished sunflower heads. JBM’s hamsters should enjoy the seeds. I picked a few French beans and then pulled up the plants.

I had added the last two gourds from last year, which had finally started deteriorating, to the  compost heap. On top went the bean plants and all the cornflower stalks.

I’ve lifted nearly all the borage roots and lots of weeds, but there are all kinds of flowering pockets in Bed 1 I can’t quite bring myself to dig out: malope, snapdragons, a random yellow wildflower, calendula, clary, calendula …

I cut some grass back from the fence on the front edge. There’s also a clump of lemon balm at the front I’d like to get rid of, but I’m not sure how easily I’ll be able to.

I picked a couple of good red Ferline tomatoes and a few Red Alerts. With the weather having turned a little, I’m not sure if all the nice green ones remaining will be able to ripen in time.

Mr B turned up while I was cutting the grass and brought with him unforecast rain, so I sat in the shed and took my harvest photo there before deciding to pack up and go home.