Arriving at the plot I saw that the first of the cornflowers were open – and had thus revealed their true identity: they’re corn cockles. I’ve made a table of how to tend the vegetables – what needs what in terms of feeding etc – and have pinned it up inside the shed.

I did some photography and dug up all the radishes, then dug over an area in veg 2 for new seed. I weeded all around the potatoes.

When I looked more closely at the apple tree, I discovered that I actually only have about 10 apples coming. Later on I read up about biennial bearing. So I need to feed and water the tree and rub of some fruit buds next year if it flowers excessively, otherwise it can get stuck into a rut of biennial bearing. I think maybe the plum and pear might be the same as they’re doing the opposite to last year and have lots of fruit coming this year.

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