More clearing today. After manuring the two narrow tomato beds, we pulled up lots of cornflowers from Bed 1. I’m doing no deadheading at all now and so there were some calendula, aster and flax seeds to gather.

A small harvest – a few more apples that were happy to be picked, a few carrots and some more chard. One of the plants has bolted and nearly has flowers.

I finally came up with the answer for edging my beds. I’ve bought rolls of wooden rolls bound with wire, designed for vertical edging. I’m cutting them apart and laying them horizontally. No-digging and quick to arrange. There was a sleepy wasp inside the first roll, but no wildlife in the second one. Since there is heavy rain and hail forecast tomorrow, we covered up the finished beds in spite of the falling darkness.

I did some more clearing in the afternoon. I pulled up the angelonia and did some rough weeding. A few zinnias have gone in the compost bins and more cornflowers and borage have gone to the rubbish. I dug up the big weeds in the angelonia bed and did a similar rough weed in  the veg bed. Pulling up weeds there also turned up a surprise carrot, whose top had long since gone.