One or two of the quinoa seem to be changing colour. Might I at least get a red one in the row?

I cut a bunch of flowers to take home – just one calendula to check my theory that they don’t last well as cut flowers, some zinnias, dahlias and asters. The latter three have quite firm stems, which makes me think they’ll last well. I’m hoping that the asters will now grow further stems, but I’m not sure they will, as it has taken them this long to grow these stalks, which only have one flower each.

There was a good crop of long beans from the back wigwam and more tomatoes, some split, some not. I picked a few physalis, perhaps before anything else got to them, so let’s see if they ripen better than the first lot. I also cut the first chard leaves. I have yellow and white. There should be some red coming along too.