Plum tomatoI managed to get into the tomato food this time and fed the tomatoes and squash plants with a  fairly dilute mixture to see if it’ll help them wake up without going the other way and cursedly  being too strong for the plants.



Edging the grass feels a bit like fiddling while Rome burns, but it needs to be done – not least because slugs hide in the raggedy bits.


The cucumber patch had overgrown so much since its last dig over that it made more sense to put the (crappy) little cucumber plants in the blank spot where sifted compost had been. It magically left a square about the same size as the intended space.

Yellow nasturtium

Heavy rain after lunch put paid to going back to do more. I read on a gardening blog that the author too was suffering with slug devastation, which was at least comforting.

3rd July

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