The leaf bin project is almost complete! I cut down the red geum that keeps getting in the way on the compost bin and cleared up the end section of the ledge. Then it was on to clearing the nettles from the side of the shed. Fortunately almost all of them were simply coming through from the other side. Alongside bundles and bundles of bindweed, the nettles filled a whole sack.

We’ve scraped out all the spilled/thrown compost that was sitting between the bin and shed. All the bits of wood and old canes have been sorted, then put back along the ground, as flat as we can make them. It’s unlikely that I’ll need the big poles at any point, so this is the easiest way to deal with them. I’ve put down tiles on the ledge, ready for the leaf mould bin tomorrow.

We had company from a comma caterpillar, and the robin was back. He hopped about very near to us and I came across him on the compost heap, having evidently found some goodies among the compost we’d scraped up and returned to the top of the heap.