I potted on the peppers into terracotta pots and moved the hyssop into bigger seed trays. One pepper is getting a flower.

Looking at my plant labels, I realised that the unknown plant on the ledge is actually something I bought (!) – sea holly.

Later at plot: the sweetcorn, gourds and beans are all still standing ok. The first poppy under the plum tree is now open. The two tall plants are coming into flower, revealing themselves to be  campanula.

I moved the empty seed trays and various other things from the garage into the shed and did a little more shelf arranging.

Then I dug over the tomato bed and ¬†planted my marigolds by the tree stump. We’ll see if they’re instant slug food like they were last year.

I planted 3 sweet peas in gaps in the left hand bed. I’m still pulling up buckets of mare’s tail and bindweed. I also finally got around to weeding veg bed 1. Very few beetroot have actually grown and those that have are tiny. I’ll resow. There are quite a few carrots though and they now have more space to grow too.

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