Absolutely torrential rain last night, but the pond was all in place still and hadn’t collapsed, hippoed or been washed away. In fact the water had cleared nicely, to show that not too much Mum and I took the two bags of Scottish pebbles down to the plot and I opened one of them to let them be washed by the forthcoming rain.

I’ve put the sweet flag into the corner. It was a little floaty, so it could do with a pebble or two on it. Getting it into the corner was a little tricky, so doing the two far edges is going to be as big a challenge as I think. the two diagonal fenceposts are great for hanging on to though.

We took the boundary pole out of the ground and settled it back in on top of the plastic, with some hefty stamping.

In the afternoon there was another window of dry weather and so I went back to make a start on building berms. I dug the fencepost offcuts out from beside the shed and pulled out a couple of longer natural poles too. I cut a couple to size and used them all to make a basis for the berms, pinning down the liner as well as I could. A few staples have been used to both pin the liner and keep logs from rolling. I shovelled a mix of wet clay and soil onto the logs as a kind of mortar and planting basis.

The water level is very high due to the rain but it shows that the right end of the far side is a little low and water is coming up on there. I may well plant a creeping jenny there as a marginal / bog plant, but perhaps not in its pot, in a hessian holder.

I put a few pebbles on the beach to see how they looked and one immediately rolled into the depths. It’s a deep beach, at least at the moment, but I’ve got lots of pebbles, so I don’t think it’s a problem.