The allotment was under water again today, but we were able to get some errands and deliveries done. The new bug hotel is now in the shed, along with another pile of coffee grounds. I’ve rewired the robin nest box to put it back straight and added a couple of leaves as encouragement. A new coconut was put up and the nuts refilled.

I’ve started another long-considered project: collecting nesting materials in a bird feeder to hang up in the spring. I picked up some moss and old coconut string for the collection (though I managed to leave them behind and will have to pick them up next time.)

The three pieces of the big log were put into place. I swapped one by the log so as to make sure that one of the new pieces with the great groove for hiding was right by the pond. I still need lots more logs and bark. As well as edging the plot, might see if there’s room for a little hollow heap or two. The stick pile at the bottom of the elder is growing as wind blows down more and more sticks. A flat piece of wood, or a paddlestone might also be a good idea in the bed by the lupin, where I keep stepping to take photos.

The stick sitting on top of the iris bulb has now been removed and put down near the toad house. A couple of little bits of nettle are coming through the pond banks from outside the plot. I’ll do what I can to keep the plant under control outside and simply cut off what emerges on my side.