I took the afternoon off to do the weeding that has been waiting for me for a while. I filled a bucket and two-thirds with small weeds, so it was a good job jobbed. I did the back bed, the delphiniums, the bean and veg bed, the middle bed, the Ferline tomatoes, the sunflowers and Bed 3.

The zinnias have started opening and the whirligigs are really pretty. I think I’ll have to do them again.

I fed the runner beans, French beans, tomatoes and sunflowers with tomato food. The marigolds around the Red Alert tomatoes look particularly good for having been fed from time to time.

While I was feeding stuff, I had to pause while Mrs Blackbird dug a big hole in my carrots, chasing after red ants. When she flew off I watered the bed and hole and then filled it in again.

Things aren’t bad, but the runner beans are still smothered in black fly, though I do see the odd ladybird and ladybird larva on there. The second set of veg also hasn’t come up and they’ve clearly had enough time now. I think I have one carrot there and that’s it.