I went back to Bed 6 this morning and finished removing the grass and edged and covered the second half with cardboard. I magically remembered to put the hügel sticks down. I did a pretty good layer, but am also pretty aware that I’ve got lots yet to go.

I topped the whole thing with a fat layer of manure, and put the plastic back on.

The new coconut was on the ground, which the robins didn’t seem to mind, but I’ve hung it low in the apple tree now. The robin was happy with that and when I left, the great tit was giving off at the top of the tree.

I’ve got lots of edging left – these plus a bigger pile on the other side of the shed. I don’t need all of them, just some. Aside from cleaning them up when I finally have some spare time, I want to work out if there’s some kind of bug hotel set up I can make with some of them – but one that hopefully isn’t just a haven for slugs.

It’s occurred to me that the area around the bottom of the elder and onto the semi-wanted mint part would also be a good place to have a multi-layer bug hotel.