It started raining as soon as I got into the car this morning, fairly light at first, but heavy by the end of my hour and a quarter stint and I was wet through by that point. BUT, I weeded the whole ledge, which was very satisfying. The bottom right corner, the final point, was absolutely stuffed with buttercups, so the last little bit took for ever and I could feel that my coat was no longer remotely waterproof. I was reasonably warm though.

Before choosing the weeding as a task, I did a quick check around the plot and found that the docks I’d treated are starting to die down. I’m not sure how quickly any further deterioration will occur.

The first red anemone is on its way, as are fruit buds on the apple tree and pear tree. The death of the plum tree is absolutely confirmed with a look back through the archive: this time last year it was in full bloom. The sun was also shining, I’d dug over beds and sown seed outdoors. Go away, rain!

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