A thorough inspection of the main row of pink bumblebee tomatoes revealed very little worth picking or allowing to grow any further, so I picked those few and then set about cutting down the plants.

The supports were weirdly difficult to fold flat. They possibly just needed a little lubrication to get the legs to move around and line up so that the rings could fold down.

I always forget that tomatoes have some very long roots, but they came up pretty easily. I pulled up the various weeds that were loosened, but left any thorough digging for another day. The marigolds are still there in reasonable nick too.

Seven verbenas were uncovered in the bed and I transplanted them all to the back of the ledge. They were a little floppy at their ends, but with any luck, they’ll perk up and disguise the back fence a bit in future. I think things like the speedwells will be ok growing through their lower branches where necessary.

All the pear tree has managed to do this year is to produce pretty autumnal foliage, which is already dropping.

I mended the gate latch where the wood had come away from the top screw. I’ve fixed it back into place with a combination of UHU and strips of bamboo cane cut to size and wedged into the space. Hopefully, that will hold for a while.

I picked a test apple to try. It’s got a hole in it, so it’s not perfect, but we’ll see what the taste is like.