I had gathered 7.75 litres of water from the most recent rain. So I guess probably double that overall. I hope lots went into the butts too. Everything looked good for having been watered well at last. The only three tomatoes that had split were on the runty plant at the end of the row.

I picked a couple of handfuls of tomatoes and left plenty more to pick on the plants. A couple of pink bumblebee tomatoes are nearly ready now. They’re stripy, but quite subtle, so I don’t know if they’ll be much to photograph.

The quinoa looks better for having good rain and the magnesium treatment. There’s still no real sign as to which colours the plants will be.

I did my first basket harvest with some beans and the first beetroot and the first carrot. The ground is still nice and damp, so I thought the carrot would come out pretty easily. I still needed to get the hand fork to get it out though, because it was huge!

I did all my deadheading. It still looks good out there – bed 7 in particular. I think the first cornflowers are starting to finish, but they always seem brighter after deadheading, so who knows. They’ve been so wonderful that I think lots of Tall Mixed will be on the list for next year.

Even the angelonia seems to have perked up from the rain too. Wouldn’t it be nice to now get the occasional rainfall to keep things going among the sunlight.